The DatabaseServers table contains the database servers that Plesk is set to manage.

Column Descriptions
id – primary key that is automatically incremented
host – hostname of the server
port – port to use when connecting to the server
type – can be mysql or postgresql
admin_login – administrative username
admin_password – administrative password
last_error – contains the most recent error received when attempting to connect to the server
server_version – version number of the database server software

Table Structure

CREATE TABLE `DatabaseServers` (
 `id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
 `host` varchar(63) character set utf8 NOT NULL default '',
 `port` int(10) unsigned default NULL,
 `type` enum('mysql','postgresql') NOT NULL default 'mysql',
 `admin_login` varbinary(255) NOT NULL default '',
 `admin_password` varbinary(255) NOT NULL default '',
 `last_error` enum('no_error','connection_failed','permission_denied','other_error','credentials_not_set') NOT NULL default 'no_error',
 `server_version` varbinary(255) NOT NULL,
 PRIMARY KEY  (`id`),
 KEY `host_port` (`host`,`port`)

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